All government approvals for the project are put in place before sale.

Goa is a fantastic place to retire. Great Quality of life, excellent infrastructure and excellent medical care facilities make Goa an ideal destination for retirement. Located on the sea coast, Goa’s weather is moderate. By virtue of being a tourist destination English is widely spoken and understood.

Each of Edcon properties are priced according to various factors. Location, floor and view are some of the factors on which pricing might vary. Customised pricing for each customer will be provided.

The booking amount payable for our properties is as per RERA norms.

We do offer completely furnished options for our Grande Sky Villas at Rio Grande. Each of 17 exclusive sky villas are designed to indulge you in luxury and comfort. The villas are already finshed with premium fittings and finishes but we are more than willing to work with you to furnish them as per your pleasure. Kindly speak to our Sales Consultants for further details.

EDCON is registered as a developer with RERA. Project specific compliance with RERA are ongoing.

Rental income is dependent on multiple factors, such as location, size of the property, level of furnishing, dedicated parking. Rental value can also be significantly different on the basis of duration for which the property is being rented out. As an estimate rental can bring 3% to 5% of the property value on an annual basis. The actual rental realised may vary from case to case.

Property valuation and appreciation is a result of market forces. Supply and demand in an area play a very large role in the valuation as well as appreciation of the property. Edcon carefully selects all its locations, to provide maximum value to its clients. Edcon also ensures that fit and finish is of superior quality, which helps in retaining the value of your property. Owing to the location and quality advantage we believe that you will see decent appreciation over the years, as you enjoy your Edcon home.

EDCON has tied up with different banks to arrange financing for its projects. Please speak to our sales consultants for further details.

Yes. On completion and sale of the project, a society will be formed, and the project will be handed over to this society.

The safety and security of you and your loved ones is paramount for us. We have 24x7 Security along with CCTV surveillance.

The Following documents are usually required at the time of registration of the property:-

  1. For Indian Nationals
    1. Copy of PAN card
    2. Copy of Aadhaar card
    3. 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  2. For OCI/PIO Card holders (OCI- Overseas Citizen of India, PIO- Person of Indian Origin)
    1. Copy of OCI/PIO card
    2. Copy of Passport
  3. For person signing on behalf of a company, documents required are
    1. Copy of PAN card of the company
    2. Copy of PAN card of signatory
    3. Aadhaar card copy of signatory
    4. Resolution letter signed by all the Directors or Partners of the company authorizing signatory to sign for the company
  4. In case a client wishes to authorize their friend or relative to sign the Sale deed on their behalf. They will have to provide a valid Power of Attorney authorizing the signatory to sig on behalf of the client.


Read a few snippets of what some customers have to say about Edcon.

The sales process was very smooth. The build quality of the office is excellent. Parking, an issue for most commercial space in Goa, is a non-issue with our building. The building also lends itself to easy maintenance. I would recommend Edcon, without hesitation to anybody.

I count the office space from Edcon amongst my best investments. I’m extremely pleased with their construction quality, responsiveness, post-sales support and building maintenance. Edcon has set a very high benchmark that others in their domain will find hard to match.

I bought 2 offices in Edcon Mindspace located in Panjim. I am really happy with the quality of the Construction, the look of the project from the exterior as well as the good maintenance of the project. I am very happy with my purchase of property at Edcon Mindspace.

They make beautiful places to live in ..