Top trends that you can incorporate into your home in 2019

With the New Year, come new beginnings and new interiors. Some of these changes maybe DIY while some may require professional assistance. To save you the trouble of going through tonnes of conflicting trends and ideas, we have zeroed down on the top trends in interior colour design, lighting and décor that will have you all set to wow your guests in 2019.

Interior Colour Design

Vibrant colours are the in-thing this year for interiors. Mustard, green, coral and blue have replaced the minimalistic greys and wood of previous years. Embrace warm earthy colours like brown, taupe, ochre, burnt gold, terracotta and beige.  2019, will see us moving away from airy cool colours, towards warm cosy colours like red and orange. Colours that soothe and calm like sage and misty blue are also a growing trend this year.

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Fixtures and fittings

Matte black fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens are currently trending. Metals like copper, with red and orange undertones, are emerging as popular choices in decor. Copper vessels have always been favoured for their health benefits in Indian kitchens, so you have more than one reason to make the switch

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Lighting design

Exotic light fixtures, with a bohemian street art vibe, or sculptural pieces that are almost art can be seen a lot in 2019. Minimalistic industrial lighting pieces made out of metals, like brass and large natural fibre lamps, that exude a feeling of casual freedom will also feature heavily in 2019.

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Accessories and Décor

If you’re overhauling your kitchen, colourful kitchen appliances and open cabinetry made out of metal and wood seems to be the way to go this year.

Sustainable design and recycled décor is also a theme this year, with décor made of jute and hemp, natural décor like succulent and cactus platers, moss walls and vertical gardens taking centre stage.

With regards to flooring, Terrazzo, which is a mosaic of glass, marble and granite has been gaining traction for a few months now.  For furnishings, velvet has made a reappearance, breaking away from its traditional stuffy Victorian avatar, to be combined with modernistic furniture pieces with clean lines. An alternative to this is fun layered boho prints and textures with vibrant colours.

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In 2019, People are also attempting to reconnect with nature by using a lot of green, both through plants as well as green walls and furnishings.

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Although trends may inspire you and act as a guide in the decoration process, the most important part of this process is YOU! Decorate your space with things that mean a lot to you, remind you of good times or are just attractive to you. Trust in your intuition and creativity to design a space you truly enjoy.

Let us know if you found this article useful. Also, we would love to know some of your home decor ideas in the comments section!