Yes, it is possible to get fit without the gym!

We spend large amounts of money on memberships and several hours of our time getting to and from the gym. Since nutrition is actually 80 – 90% of the equation when it comes to keeping fit, you can easily achieve this goal without a gym membership. If you want to save on time and money or you’re just more comfortable doing your own thing at home, then we have some great tips for you to get fit at home.

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

Getting fit and losing fat doesn’t simply mean cutting your quantities in half. The effect that your food has on your body depends largely on the quality of food. Here’s what 200 calories of cake vs 200 calories of broccoli looks like:

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Nutrition is the key to staying fit and healthy

Vegetables, fruit, nuts, lean protein and whole grains allow you to consume large quantities of them while staying within your calorie limit and getting all the minerals and vitamins required for optimal health. These foods also have a lot of fiber which keeps you feeling full for longer. On the other hand, a handful of biscuits or a slice of cake has barely any nutritional value, mostly contains large amounts of hydrogenated vegetable fat (which your body treats as a toxin) and sugar, which will have you looking around for another snack in a few minutes.

Your run of the mill diet plan which encourages you to eat less and cut quantities is not something that you’re going to stick with in the long run. Try to slowly incorporate more whole foods into your diet and gradually cut out the junk. For example, swap biscuits for some fresh fruit or nuts and replace white bread with oats or whole wheat chappatis.

Diet plans which encourage you to cut out fat are also going to fail you in the long run because the healthy fats in butter, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, avocados and eggs contain essential nutrients like Vitamin K2 and Vitamin E which are essential for your body.

Check out this blog for tips on how to transition to a whole food diet:

Home Workouts:

If you enjoy working out but don’t want to go to the gym then there are various workouts that you can create at home depending on your goals.


There are plenty of options for a cardio workout outside the gym. Right from running, to playing your favourite sport, to taking a stroll, the choices are many. You can make a decision based on your current physical condition and the time that you have available. If you have limited time, then more challenging options like cycling or running are perfect for you.  If you suffer from joint issues then low impact exercises like walking and swimming are more suitable for you. Running on sand requires 2-3 times more energy and is less impactful on the joints than running on a flat hard surface.

You can also try out different combinations of bodyweight exercises like these:

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Full body workout at home


Any workout that has intense bursts of activity interspersed with periods of slower activity or complete rest. It can be done in various ways. For example running as fast as possible for a minute and walking for 2 minutes then repeating this cycle for 20 minutes. Or it can be done by creating a circuit of body weight exercises that you perform quickly without rest. This can give you quicker results and help you burn fat without breaking down muscle.


If you sit for long hours every day or have a joint problem then yoga is great for you. There are various yoga workout videos available online that you can start with. Yoga improves your flexibility and strength without impacting your joints. You don’t need any equipment here, at most you may need a yoga mat to give you better grip and some cushioning.

Strength training:

This doesn’t necessarily mean struggling with unbelievably heavy weights or working with weight machines in the gym. It can simply meaning using a small pair of dumbbells, resistance bands or ankle and wrist weights to your routine. Strength training improves posture, increases muscle strength and improves bone density. An increase in muscle to fat ratio will help you to burn more calories while at rest.

Staying fit without a workout

If you absolutely hate exercising or don’t have the time then here are a few tips to keep fit without a structured exercise program:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Walk whenever possible instead of using your vehicle.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the lift
  4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday
  5. Manage stress

Try these cool ways to stay fit without even realizing it.

Whatever be your fitness fix, make sure that it is enjoyable. You’re more likely to stick to your fitness routine when it excites you.

Let us know if you found this article useful. Also, we would love to hear about your fitness journey in the comments section!