Affordable Home Insurance For First-Time Buyers

For first-time homebuyers, selecting the ideal homeowner’s insurance coverage may be difficult because there are so many insurers to pick from and a variety of considerations to take into account depending on where you reside. However, experts believe home insurance is essential because it may assist offer a financial safety net if the unexpected happens. […]

MOPA Airport to Attract Rs 2.7k Cr Realty Investments in the Region

Mopa Airport is likely to draw about Rs 2,700 crore of investments from builders and hoteliers until 2030 as the upcoming North Goa Aviation gateway becomes the transport hub replacing Dabolim. These investments will be directed toward the Mopa region in the state’s extreme north where the new airport is based. The funds will be […]

Three Steps To Save The Down Payment For Your Home

When buying a home, the homebuyer should be able to pay at least 20 per cent of the property value as the down payment. Thus, making saving for the down payment a goal-based, long-term project. Planning to buy a home? Here’s how you can start saving efficiently for your down payment Buying a home is […]

What’s pushing more Indians towards real estate investment today?

The lockdowns and general concern about the safety of not only one’s health but also one’s investments prompted millennials to turn to residential real estate in unprecedented numbers. Let us look at some of the major factors that prompted many Indians to invest in real estate. Work-from-home Property buyers are looking for plots to build […]

Goa: Soon, builders & flat buyers can register sale deeds online

An e-registration facility for flats purchased directly from builders of housing complexes is on the cards, which is expected to do away with the requirement of visiting the office of the registrar concerned for the purpose. “Preliminary work on the new system has been done. It will be rolled out in the next two months […]

Residential Prices Are Expected To Remain Stable Till Year End

Though there have been several factors driving price hikes in metros, industry experts believe that it’s still a good time to buy a house. Chennai Bhadresh Mehta, an asset advisor says, “We saw a sharp increase in real estate prices because there was pent-up demand. A few suburbs in Chennai also saw a price hike […]

What All Does A Home Insurance Cover?

There are plenty of reasons why a home insurance policy is an indispensable addition to one’s financial portfolio. The most significant reason is that it acts as armour to protect your home against potential risks and damage caused by unfortunate events, theft, or natural calamities like floods, tremors, etc., to the structure and its contents. […]

Wealth Guide: Planning to invest Real Estate

Most of us now have an investment portfolio that includes a variety of investments, such as stocks, gold, bonds, government schemes, and so on, but one of the most undervalued or overlooked investments in recent times has been real estate. The average income in most Indian cities has increased as a result of the massive […]

Will investing in real estate help in early retirement?

Investments in real estate can also be made without having to own, run, or finance a property via REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts. Even in the case of home loans, early investors are usually cognizant of the fact that as you pay back your loan and develop equity in your home, your cash flow […]