Affordable Home Insurance For First-Time Buyers

For first-time homebuyers, selecting the ideal homeowner’s insurance coverage may be difficult because there are so many insurers to pick from and a variety of considerations to take into account depending on where you reside. However, experts believe home insurance is essential because it may assist offer a financial safety net if the unexpected happens. […]

Three Steps To Save The Down Payment For Your Home

When buying a home, the homebuyer should be able to pay at least 20 per cent of the property value as the down payment. Thus, making saving for the down payment a goal-based, long-term project. Planning to buy a home? Here’s how you can start saving efficiently for your down payment Buying a home is […]

What All Does A Home Insurance Cover?

There are plenty of reasons why a home insurance policy is an indispensable addition to one’s financial portfolio. The most significant reason is that it acts as armour to protect your home against potential risks and damage caused by unfortunate events, theft, or natural calamities like floods, tremors, etc., to the structure and its contents. […]

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Joint Home Loan

Opting for a joint home loan can give you additional benefits. Let’s further explore the advantages and pitfalls of applying for a joint home loan. If you are planning to take a home loan, you can do so jointly with another co-borrower. Most banks in India have specific joint home loan applicant rules that only […]

Is buying a home amidst rising prices a right decision?

As the realty sector is highly dependent on bank financing for both builders and customers, it was anticipated that rising rates will impact post-pandemic recovery and slow down sales. The advent of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown brought the Indian economy to a standstill, with real estate bearing the brunt of the impact. The realty […]

MOPA Airport Goa: Property in North Goa to appreciate

Real estate investment or buying property in Goa is set to become costlier with the MOPA Airport starting operations soon. The new airport will be a growth multiplier for real estate demand in the coastal state of India which is already enjoying a bull run after the pandemic. As operations in MOPA Airport are soon […]

Manage Home Loans During Rising Interest Rate Regime

The 140 bps hike in repo rate, since May 2022, along with increase in policy rates by major central banks around the world has confirmed the trend of rising interest rates. India’s residential real estate sector is increasingly embracing new concepts and innovative solutions to meet the needs of Millennial home buyers who are enthusiastic […]

Is Investing In Real Estate At A Young Age A Good Decision?

Real estate is often described as one of the safest investment options. Read on to find out if it is ideal for youngsters to invest in real estate The generation before millennials invested in real estate, not only for the returns that the asset generated, but also for safety and security reasons. Besides, it was […]

Three Ways To Close Your Home Loan Early

Homebuying is an overwhelming process; the amount transacted is in several lakh and more often than not, takes up almost all the savings one has. Add to this the fact that processing your home loan is also a long process, which requires thorough documentation. And after all of this, you have a hefty EMI to […]