COVID-19: Re-imagining the office

The impact of COVID-19 on the commercial office sector is expected to be severe in view of the reduced space requirement by information technology companies due to increased adoption of the work-from-home model which is now becoming an integral part of their long-term strategy. Further, office space taken up by startups and smaller companies is […]

NRIs Offer Hope For India’s Troubled Real Estate Market

India’s diaspora offers hope to the nation’s beleaguered real estate market in a pandemic-marred year. Home sales struggled to overcome multiple setbacks of demonetisation, a stricter housing law and a credit crunch in the last three years, stalling projects and leaving developers with a bloated inventory. The pandemic that has triggered jobs losses and salary […]

The growing trend of digital home sales

The virtual revolution has changed the fate of the real estate industry and how homebuyers’ shop for real estate. Homes have an emotional weight that supersedes any other kind of investment. It is an asset that provides us refuge from the vagaries of nature, a place to raise a happy family & relish the pleasures […]

COVID-19: Home as the key driver

The home will gain more prominence over the place of work and influence urban development and our real estate choices. The good news for India is that the long-term housing demand trend remains secular due to a young population which continues to enter the workforce in large numbers. Over the last few years, there had […]

Real Estate Investments provide a higher sense of security during a crisis

Contrary to fears and low expectations, real estate in the post-covid world will most likely survive and eventually thrive as an asset class, though it will look different. Decentralization, redistribution and restructuring will be the major themes of this transformation. While it is early days yet, there are visible indications of some of the ways […]

A weak Rupee makes Indian Realty a good bet for NRI’s

While the industry deals with the slump, the current scenario throws up a great opportunity to invest in real estate back home. India’s real estate sector, like most other industries, is on a slow recovery path after taking a massive hit due to the Covid-19 lockdown. The most optimistic estimates suggest that revival in the […]

Goa – A great option for a second home

Goa’s serene location, quiet life and strong economic environment make it an attractive investment destination for many of the investors who are especially looking to buy a second home. Do you want to own a home which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and is close to nature? Then Goa […]

TCP Dept. extends realty permissions

The TCP dept. provides a welcome shot in the arm for Goa’s realty sector by extending permissions for 9 months. The extension, which will benefit the real estate sector, comes after the Union ministry of housing and urban affairs directed the states to extend the validity of statutory permissions granted to developers. The town and […]

TCP Board resumes work

In a fillip to developmental activity in Goa, after a long hiatus, the Town and Country Planning Board met recently to process approvals hinting at a step towards normalcy post COVID-19. After a long hiatus, the Town and Country Planning Board met on Monday and took up 67 applications for zone change under section 12 […]