We are often so busy that we don’t really get time to connect with the people around us. Especially in big cities, where people constantly come and go, it becomes hard to build lasting ties with your neighbors. However, studies show that having a strong positive relationship with your immediate neighbors greatly increases your well being and feeling of security. Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t necessarily mean making a huge gesture. It can even be something as small as smiling at new neighbors while you pass them by on the street, or offering to lend them a cup of sugar when they need it.

1. Introduce yourself :

If you have new neighbors, go over and offer to help them while they move in or take them something to eat. If you’re new yourself, try going over to your neighbor’s house or flat and introducing yourself. If you’re a bit of an introvert, try leaving a note under their door inviting them over at their convenience. Take a look at these cool gifts for new neighbors :

2. Take a walk:

The more time you spend outdoors, the more likely you are to meet your neighbours. Take an evening stroll around your building complex or outside your house. You can take your kids or your dog along with you. Invite any neighbours you may meet to join you, or to go out for coffee. You can even meet people while gardening or washing your car.

3. Carpool:

You can offer to carpool with neighbours going to the same place as you, whether its work, the market, or taking the kids to school. This is a good way for everyone to save money and it’s also great for the environment.

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4. Organise a potluck party:

Get everyone in your neighborhood to bring one dish and one drink and host a party at your place. This takes the financial strain of catering for the guests off you and also lets everyone sample a variety of dishes. Check out some nice recipes for a pot luck party here :

5. Game night:

Organise a game night and have an outdoor screening of any matches that you and your neighbors are fans of. Alternatively you can organise an actual game involving your neighbors and their kids. This is not only a good way to bond but also great exercise.

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6. Be civic minded:

Initiate environment improvement activities with a group of like minded neighbors. For example, plant trees in barren areas, make efforts to fix leaking pipes in your area or simply help to clean up the locality, deal with any garbage issues, etc. You can encourage the neighborhood kids to get more involved in such activities as well. Making seed balls, creating compost bins and growing small plants are all great activities for kids. Learn more about how to make seed balls here:

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7. Organise a garage sale:

Get together with your neighbours and organise a small sale of items contributed by everyone in the neighbourhood. This is a great way to get rid of any unnecessary items as well as a good way to make some money for everyone involved. Some of the money can be used to organise some snacks and drinks for all the participants after the sale.

Whatever way you might choose, always remember that having a strong bond with your immediate neighbours is priceless. These relationships can provide you with a great support system in times of need and even some lifelong friends.